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Work Crazy S-Conning show you the sights of Dubai

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As one of the Beautyworld global series of exhibitions, Frankfurt Beautyworld Middle East is the largest international trade fair for beauty products, hair, perfumes and health in the Middle East.It's a truly international event, offering visitors the opportunity to meet face-to-face with 1,736 companies over three days.

Dubai, a city of great topic, is almost synonymous with wealth and waywardness due to its numerous news stories and jokes. Dubai is half sand and half sea, a magical green state in the desert, with its desert smoke and numerous luxurious scenery.It is a transit hub for economic traffic and a trading hub for the Middle East 

Also, it makes the world full of monogamous many men drool over the system of polygamy, But you will know, this is not ordinary people can enjoy, a house a wife, have enough money.

So, from April 13 to 17, S-Conning boss will lead the team to dubai, united Arab emirates, to participate in the most influential beauty show in the Middle East 

 It's still highlighting。After all, the purpose of introducing dubai to you is to invite you to sit in our booth and talk about the projects we can cooperate with. Dreams are always necessary, and small goals must be set in case they are realized.

The point!The point!The point!On the blackboard

2019Dubai beauty fair, united Arab emirates

Exhibition time: April 15th to 17th, 2109

Exhibition location: Dubai world trade center

Trade Centre arena  SA-K10

Exhibiting type: there is always a labeling machine suitable for your company

Matters needing attention abroad

1. Dubai bans alcohol, color, stealing, cutting hands, fighting will be sentenced;Taboo: pork and pig products;Pat the child on the head;Everywhere drink to send cloth doll;Taking photos and physical contact with local women;pee

2. Official local language: Arabic;Main business language: English

3. The average temperature in Dubai is about 23 to 36 degrees Celsius. Please prepare suitable clothes. Suits and other formal clothes are the best for the exhibition hall 

4.Clothing: please be sure to prepare a set of formal dress for official occasions, and according to the temperature of the above visit to prepare appropriate clothing.

5. Dubai power supply specification: 220/380v, 50HZ, plug is inch standard, three-hole flat;

Dubai has a full day off on Friday and Saturday.Other times are working days.

7. Dubai currency: 1AED(dirham)=0.27USD=1.87RMB (the exchange rate shall prevail in real time)

8. The time of travelling by air and boat is subject to local time. The time difference between China and dubai is 4 hours.

9. Be sure to bring your passport and e-ticket when you travel (A4 print and take it with you)


Photo/Text:Xiao Jing


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