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Academic activities ▎ Guangzhou Shell-conning attends China Pharmaceutical Maintenance Summit

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The third China Pharmaceutical Maintenance Summit was held in Shanghai from October 21 to 22, 2019,

The meeting was organized by Shanghai Boehringer Yinghehan Pharmaceutical Co. LTD.

China Pharmaceutical Maintenance Summit invited more than 20 sino-foreign joint venture pharmaceutical enterprises and 13 equipment suppliers, a total of 60 participants! With the theme of jointly creating a better future for pharmaceutical enterprises, and with the communication theme of equipment maintenance technicians of pharmaceutical enterprises, we will provide a professional communication platform for professional maintenance personnel and equipment management personnel of Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises, and establish extensive cooperation between pharmaceutical enterprise.

It is a great honor for Guangzhou Shell-conning to attend the conference at the invitation of the conference, gathering together with the partners of pharmaceutical enterprises, exchanging and sharing rich technology experience with partners, and jointly creating a better future for pharmaceutical enterprise !

After three years of great efforts, introducing international advanced technology, Self-digestion, absorption, development, innovation and creation, Guangzhou Shell-conning has obtained 21 invention patents and utility model invention patents, filled the domestic demand, and created a new product: Labeling system for pre-filled injections.

During the meeting, our general manager Zhang Zhiping made a detailed explanation and wonderful solutions about the main problems during the automatic combination of pre-filled injection tubes and push rods and about the advantages/disadvantages of foreign equipment.

Would you like to know how does Guangzhou Shell-conning provide the relevant supporting packaging equipment for prefilled injections and deal with the problems that trouble the production?

You are sincerely visited to Packaging machinery hall N3-43, Guangzhou Shell-conning booth, of

the 58th National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo.

Our team has also prepared a symposium at Meeting Room N-M202 on the second floor of north district, 14:00 - 15:00pm, Nov. 5th , to discuss better solutions with everyone attended.

Looking forward to your arrival!

We look forward to seeing you on November 5-7, 2019

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