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The 17th (Shanghai) Beauty Fair exhibits models

TIME: 2012-05-04         click:      

The 17th China (Shanghai) International Beauty Cosmetics and Washing Products Expo will be held on May 4, 2012 at the Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center. Booth No.: Hall 5, Hall 5J01-5J02. At that time, Guangzhou Sai Kangni Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. will carry out a comprehensive attack with its high-quality double-side labeling machine, lipstick labeling machine, plane labeling machine and real-time labeling machine, and will send a strong delegation to shine the beauty fair for the first time. . The pavilion is about to bloom beautifully. Secane invites national merchants to come to the tasting during May 4-6 to seek business opportunities.

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