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2018 ( Hong Kong ) COSMOPROF Asia and Shell-Conning ′s Wonderful Look Back

TIME: 2018-11-19         click:  1107    
           COSMOPROF  Asia is held at the Asia World Expo in Hong Kong on Nov 13 solstice 15。Shell-Conning was invited to attendas the only professional labeling machine supplier in packaging machinery industryShell-Conning shines in the  COSMOPROF Asia 2018  。

   Hong Kong is the hub of beauty trade in the Asia-Pacific region, COSMOPROF Asia (Hong Kong) is an influential and radiant B2B beauty exhibitionIt is like a giant whirlpoolinvolving the latest trendsinnovative conceptsand market information of the global beauty industrycommunicate with each other and touching each other

    This year, COSMOPROF Asia continues to promote the concept of 「one show and two place」: Name the Packaging area of Asia World-expo: COSMOPACK Asia”, collect all kinds of packing suppliersshow new and superior packaging solutionsThe special area of the Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre is named :COSMOPROF Asia”, collected all kinds of beauty productsincludingcosmetics and personal care productsnature and organic products professional beauty salon products and instrumentshair salon products and instrumentshair salon furniture and nail products and accessories

A sea of people in exhibition hall

Shell-Conning adhere to the brand concept  of“professionalefficientand perfect packaging production line solution expert; To create a fully automatic multi-applicationsuper smart production workshop vision ; Catch the public’s eye bring high speedhigh precision labeling experience

Shell-Conning professional speaker

The Austrian customer signed the contract successfully at the exhibition site

The booth of Shell-Conning located at 10-S12,The lipstick base labeling machinetop and bottom labelerand star wheel round bottle labeler for cosmetics and daily chemical industry are displayed on the scene The performance and improvement of the machine are explained in detailand the operation of the machine is fully demonstratedso that users fully understand our products and services

Three days exhibition period , a lot of customer come to consult HonoredAustrian customer to the booth and buy our company’s star wheel round bottle labeler ( for round and bottom paste )a hitlive signingApplause

From our company carries out global marketing strategy ,This is the third time Shell-Conning attend The COSMOPROF Asia, With the improvement of hardware and software quality within the companyand the accumulation of foreign marketing strategy experienceShell-Conning has been advancing steadily

Forecast the next stop in global marketing: Beauty World Middle East ( in Dubai ), April 15 .2019 solstice 17

So, Let’s meet in Dubai nextStay tuned for

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